Allow me to reintroduce myself…visually

I realized that I jumped directly into the content and never gave you, the reader, any context.  Therefore I will introduce myself using the about me section – I was just called “The Beyonce of Men” (speaking of which I took the name of this post from a song by her husband (EXPLICIT LYRICS) http://

Me...being professional – that is me…being professional

“My name is Jack Goldberg (although my drivers license says Isaac Goldberg…long story) and I am a senior at Boston University studying public relations and American history. But I am much more than my major. I am a 6th generation Seattleite, a (be it small) part Irish, modern Orthodox Jew whose grandparents survived the Holocaust (one was one of 60 people of 1,000,000 to survive Treblinka). I call South Seattle, Washington my home (area code 98118) and I have got 3 sisters with no brothers. I have lived in Seattle, Israel, England, and Boston and each one has allowed me to learn something new.

I am passionate about a whole lot of things including:  politics, PR, communication, firefighting, music, movies, branding, the Presidential Youth Council, supporting the State of Israel, and the general art of delivering and writing speeches. These are the main things I will be writing about but by no means the only things.”

That sums me up to some extent. I will explain what these things mean in more depth as time goes on but I just wanted to give a brief overview of a)what I will be posting, b)what I care about right now (subject to change within about 12 hours), and c) what you can get me for Chanukah.

Below I will (attempt to) show a visual representation of myself:

Senior at Boston UniversityBoston University (despite terrible publicity I still love my school)

Public RelationsPR 1

American HistoryUS History (my focus is WWII and post WWII history)

South Seattle 98118 (this is a mural from my neighborhood)

Part IrishBlarney (I took this picture in the County Cork of Ireland at the Blarney Castle)

Modern Orthodox JewOrtho Jew (I led havdalah in Israel)

HolocaustTreblinka (I read a excerpt from my grandfathers story at the memorial at Treblinka)

3 Sisters No BrothersThis man knows what is up (Life with 3 sisters)

Places I Have Lived (Seattle, Israel, England, Boston) – Mt Rainer The view from my house

Israel 1 Israel at sunrise

London The view from the water in London

Boston Boston from the water

PoliticsPolitics 1

PR/Communications/BrandingPR 2

Firefighting –  Boston Fire Deptmy goal before I missed the only written test I could take… and threw out my back

Music – Just two examples: Adele Tupac

MoviesPulp Fiction (My favorite movie)

Presidential Youth CouncilPYC (I am the Director Of Communications for the Campaign for the Presidential Youth Council)

Love for the State of IsraelGolan Hights

Writing/Delivering SpeechesKing_Jr_Martin_Luther_093.jpg The Last Lecture Winston (three of the greatest speakers I have ever seen)

These pictures help to describe me through a visual medium but I hope that you will continue to read and see my kinda sorta unique perspective on life, and the above stated topics.


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3 responses to “Allow me to reintroduce myself…visually”

  1. neonspndx says :

    Hello! You are pretty funny sir and I’m enjoying your writing. I stumbled upon your page totally randomly and I think you have some talent here! I write about living life to it’s full Awesome potential despite life’s (inevitable) crap. =) I’m also Jewish and have posted a couple times about the idiosyncrasies that I used to avoid that now make me feel like home and well make a laugh a bit… Keep it up!

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