The Wire: The Greatest Show Ever

Every character from the show

I just finished the HBO series The Wire and I was blown away. TV shows run X amount of seasons, some times too long, and sometimes too short. It all depends on the show. The Wire, the greatest show in the history of TV, needed five, calculated, seasons to accomplish its goal. The five seasons went through 1)life in the game and violence, 2)smuggling, corruption, and the docks of Baltimore 3)politics and drugs: corruption at its finest 4)the inner city youth and what it means for the future of our country in middle school, and 5)newspaper and the corporate soul. By drawing a parallel between all of these seasons it accomplished many goals.

The Wire could have had any number of goals, and it accomplished all of them (I was not in the writers room when they came up with the plan for the general message or point of the show). Suffice to say they accomplished all their missions. They did the best job portraying the inner city of any show ever. They used a non-formulaic episode structure that always kept you guessing.  They had the best character development of any show ever. It has a story line that is continued throughout all five seasons with interesting and captivating information. It had plot points that were unheard of before The Wire. They were able to tell us, the audience, something great without preaching (I am looking at you Mr. Sorkin). It was a perfectly set and played chess game that lasted 50 hours and was well worth it. As they say in the show “it’s all in the game.”

The Wire broke other formulas for dramas (like Seinfeld did with comedy) and established a new set of rules. The Wire used every single character to make the audience feel as though they were emotionally connected. Like a giant chess game, The Wire moved pieces into position slowly yet with confidence for the last season. Compared to other shows like the entire CBS line up or Lost or even cable shows like Game Of Thrones (and I am a huge GOT fan), they still do not measure up to The Wire. One show that I need to watch still is the Sopranos. I know, everyone says it is the best but for me I do not see how anything can top The Wire. There is a class at Boston University that is taught, ABOUT THE WIRE! It depicts corruption on every level and the true humanity in the world.

Many shows want to be considered the greatest and as other shows try and topple The Wire’s spot at the top of the mountain I offer them the advice I have learned from my favorite character from The Wire – “come at the king, you best not miss.”

If you love The Wire (and if you watch it, how can you not) check out the links bellow:

Below is link to a video one that, simply put, makes me nostalgic.

The Wire 100 Greatest Quotes (Spoilers)

This is Donald Smith’s graphic design WordPress site and the best graphic I have ever seen that encompass all five seasons of the show – The Wire Print


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One response to “The Wire: The Greatest Show Ever”

  1. Robert Nielsen says :

    I absolutely love the Wire, it is by far the greatest show I’ve ever seen. I did watch the Sopranos but it wasn’t as good. Particularly in the later seasons it started to drag. But it was before the Wire so it was ground breaking when it first came out.

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