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If you are reading this you some how found your way to my blog…not sure how you got here but I am glad that you’re here!

My name is Jack Goldberg (although my drivers license says Isaac Goldberg…long story) and I am a senior at Boston University studying public relations and American history. But I am much more than my major. I am a 6th generation Seattleite, a (be it small) part Irish Orthodox Jew whose grandparents survived the Holocaust. I call South Seattle, Washington my home (area code 98118) and I have got 3 sisters with no brothers. I have lived in Seattle, Israel, England, and Boston and each one has allowed me to learn something new.

I am passionate about a whole lot of things including:  politics, PR, communication, firefighting, music, movies, branding, the Presidential Youth Council, supporting the State of Israel, and the general art of delivering and writing speeches. These are the main things I will be writing about but by no means the only things.

With that, I begin my blogging…


2 responses to “About Me”

  1. bhuwanchand says :

    6th generation Seattleite! wow… its great to see the passionate connect with which you refer to your birthplace.

    Those grandparents who survived the holocaust must have passed on lot of stories for the generation to come…

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